These curriculums and trainings are adapted from several Fathers Incorporated trainings, research and evidence informed programs to provide a more comprehensive and culturally relevant product geared towards parents in low income communities.


Next Level Fatherhood

This 10-module program is designed to empower, add value and transform dads to contribute to the strengthening of their children and family.

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Next Level Life Skills

10-module course of learning designed to develop practical life skills that are transferable throughout all aspects of life.


Fostering Family Leaders

In this 10-module, peer-to-peer leadership development program, parents learn the competencies that will help them become effective advocates for their children, themselves, and their community.


Next Level Financial Foundations

A 10-module training to assist low-income parents understand and implement sound fiscal decisions, create budgets, build credit and engage in savings. 


Standing in the Gap

This interactive, multi media driven one-day training is designed to help single moms understand and develop tools for raising their African American sons.


What About Dad?

This one-day training explores the role and practice of human service professionals and how they can effectively engage non-resident fathers by understanding issues of power, gender, race, and socioeconomic status of professionals and the fathers and families they serve.