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We receive many phone calls at Fathers Incorporated from dads and moms who are struggling to make things work as parents. Everybody wants to win. We want to win in life, win in competition; win, win, win. Certainly for the sake of our children we want to win in parenting. The critical challenge is, how do we all win? Under normal circumstances, co-parenting can be difficult. When families are in crisis; rules, expectations and agreements can become strained by the emotional factors created by the crisis.


The goal in parenting is to ensure that neither parent or their children end up on the losing end of family success outcomes. A mutual understanding of parenting goals provides the best scenario for healthy and desirable family.

One decision can be the difference between your success or failure. In the area of parenting, making decisions are critical, especially when dad and mom are not on the best terms. There is really no place for emotional decision making when parenting. What do we mean by that? Making decisions in an angry state, from a selfish position or in a controlling manner, will ultimately have a negative outcome for ALL involved.


The most effective parenting and marital relationships rely on the ability to make sound and logical decisions.


Children deserve and demand that we provide an opportunity for the best decisions to be made on their behalf.

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